Dominoes Game Rules

"Fives" -  "All Fives" - "Muggins"


Commonly played with a double-6 domino set, the object is to be the first to score either 100 or 150 points, depending on how the players decide to play.  Points are scored when the end tiles of the playing string add up to a number diisible by 5. 100 points scoring makes for a little shorter & faster game.


The domino tiles are laid on the table, face down, and shuffled by randomly sliding them around until thoroughly mixed up. The dominoes in the middle of the table are called the bone-pile or bone-yard.

Each player draws 7 tiles to make a hand.

The player with the largest numbered "double" tile starts the play.  This can be determined by asking "Who has the X6?" then in no one answers, proceed in turn to ask about each of the Double tiles until someone says they have it.

Dominoes are laid on the table in turn, starting with play off of the beginning tile. Tiles can be played off of the ends or sides of the initial tile, which is sometimes referred to as the "spinner". 

Players accumulate points by laying down tiles that will result in the end numbers of all the trains adding up to a number divisible by five. 

If an end tile is a double, it is laid down crosswise to the rest of the dominoes, and both sides of the double tile count towards the score.

Play proceeds until the agreed-on total score (100 or 150) is reached by one of the players.




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